Saturday, August 2, 2014

The shirt dress - O vestido camiseiro

Hello dear reader and friends, have you missed me? I've been busy because of my son's birthday and also trying to make the most of my last vacation days. I wore this outfit yesterday, interpreting one of the trends of the moment: the shirt dress. I really love the oriental print on this silky dress (another one of my outlet purchases, it cost only 22,99€) and I'm wearing it over my yellow shorts (last seen here) because the dress is short and a little see-though. Complementing the look there’s a yellow bag (old) and sandals. I kept the jewelry very simple with crystal stud earrings, crystal teardrop necklace, my customizable watch worn with white strap and silver rings. I'll be back to the office on Monday but I still have a couple of vacation outfits to show you guys and the usual shopping haul of the week coming up tomorrow as usual. Have a wonderful weekend everybody, and thanks for visiting!

Olá queridos amigos e leitores, sentiram a minha falta nestes últimos dias? Não tenho publicado nada porque tenho andado ocupada com o aniversário do meu filho e também tenho tentado aproveitar ao máximo os dias de férias que me restam. Usei este look ontem, interpretando uma das tendências do momento: o vestido camiseiro. Gosto bastante do estampado de inspiração oriental deste vestido (comprado num website outlet por apenas 22,99€) e estou a usá-lo sobre uns calções (já foram vistos aqui), pois o vestido é curto e um pouco transparente. Para completar o conjunto tenho uma bolsa amarela (bastante antiga), sandálias amarelas e joalharia em prata e cristal. Na segunda-feira voltarei ao trabalho, mas antes ainda tenho um ou dois conjuntos das férias para vos mostrar, além do usual artigo das compras da semana que será publicado amanhã. Tenham todos um ótimo fim-de-semana e muito obrigada por aparecerem!

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(all pics by me)
(todas as fotos tiradas por mim)


  1. Very lovely shirt dress Tany. Happy birthday to your little son!

  2. Um look perfeito e fresco para o verão.
    Adoro a mala e as sandálias em amarelo torrado, fica super bem.

    Bom fim de semana minha querida!

    Beijinho grande,
    Vanessa Ribeiro

  3. Hi Tany, first happy belated birthday Henrique and many many happy returns little man. Second, you look drop dead gorgeous my pretty girl. Again I love everything, the shirt dress is awesome Tany. Brilliant! Have you noticed, we share the same watch ;) Tany same here, sometimes I don't know where I should take the time to get everything done. Have still to answer some of your questions, so let's start.....No I haven't been to Zara recently, not since my stupid accident, but I was at H&M, have you seen some of their fall pieces, the teal full skirt? I want it, but of course my size wasn't available. But the sales girl told me they'll get new ones in this week, so I hope I'll get it. Weather is still hot, sometimes it feels like living in a jungle, hot, humidity at it worst, do you know what I hate the most? Getting something out of the fridge and immediately getting your hands wet. Duh! Anyway, next time darling Tany when the online sales starts you tell me what to buy, because I don't am as lucky as you are, I like a lot of things I see on their webpages BUT I don't have any clue about the material et cetera. I often bought something online and was disappointed. Poor material and all the rest of it. That's why I rather buy local than online except I have seen it but have to order my size. Does it make sense? Lol, I know I explain things always so badly. I would have never ordered that gorgeous shirt dress because I would have thought it might be of poorly quality. See my dilemma. So please next time the sales season starts you are my guide my guardian angel, yes? Pretty please! OK that's for now, have to hop over to your latest post, you are too fast honey ;)
    kisses darling

    1. Hi darling, as you can see I am much behind on replying to comments! I went to H&M the day after reading this comment of yours, hoping to find the teal full skirt but I was in no luck; they had a lot of clothes in mustard yellow though; I'll return there the next week, again, hoping to see the skirt you told me about. I'll be happy to let you know my opinion about the online offer out there, just ask away about anything. In my opinion, buying online is always a risk because without seeing the pieces in real life, trying them on, you can never be sure; This week I have returned two of my online purchases; oh and I received the polka dot blouse already! I'm keeping it!
      Many hugs to you, darling!


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