About (English)

About me:
I'm a Portuguese 44 years old self-taught to sew and fashion addict. I work in the telecommunications industry as service developer/programmer and sewing is my favorite hobby.

What this blog is about:

I’m not a fashion blogger "per se"; I'm just a fashion enthusiast who likes sharing my personal style and musings, mainly my daily outfits. I make many of my garments, so some of my outfits are really exclusive and unique and you won't see them anywhere else. I do not intend to give lessons about style, or impose my style to others, I just aim to share what I like wearing in everyday life. I do like to experiment, mix, try new things and trends; I'm always seeking for diversity and creativeness in the way I dress so sometimes you may not like what you see; but I'll be happy if I manage to surprise you once in a while…

If you're also interested in garment making, visit me at http://tanysewsandknits.blogspot.com/

What you most likely won't find in this blog:

- Great photography: my knowledge in this area is limited and I don't have a personal photographer following me around; most of my pictures are taken with a remote and a tripod before I leave in the morning or when I get back from work. I may also “dress up” just for the sake of sharing an inspiring outfit, and not wear it to work if not appropriate.
- Great photo shoot locations: I work full time and I don't have the time to wander about trying to find the perfect spot for taking my pictures. I usually carry a portable camera with me, so sometimes I'm lucky enough to get fair outdoor sceneries, but most times that won't be possible.
- Shopping advice: I don't do spoilers or shopping guides; that's not what this blog is about. I may occasionally reveal the source of my outfit elements when I wear them. If you're wandering about the brand/source of something I'm wearing and that information is not provided, please contact me directly by email and I'll be happy to answer your questions if and when possible.

Enjoy and comment away, I'm happy to hear your thoughts!