Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Neutral colors and leopard print - Cores neutras e estampado leopardo

Hello guys, how are you doing today? I’m a bit stressed; this week is going to be a tough one work wise, but we will get a holiday on Friday, so we’re up for a long weekend.

Lately the weather has been kind of weird and too hot for wearing jackets or blazers; I’m wearing a leopard print top (relatively new) with these high-waist linen pants and wedge sandals, both bought back in 2010. The bag is from last season and has already been featured here. This outfit is quite simple and is complemented solely by black jewelry.

You all have a wonderful week ahead! Thanks for dropping by!

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Olá pessoal, como estão hoje? Eu ando um pouco stressada; esta semana de trabalho vai ser dura, o que vale é que será mais curta pois na sexta é feriado e teremos um fim-de-semana prolongado.

O tempo tem estado bastante esquisito, mas quente o suficiente para prescindir de casacos ou blazers; o look é muito simples, um top estampado leopardo comprado recentemente, calças de linho de cintura alta (compradas em 2010), sandálias cunha (também de 2010), uma bolsa que já devem ter visto por aqui (comprada este Inverno), e tudo complementado com bijutaria em preto/prata escurecida. Tenham todos uma ótima semana, obrigada por aparecerem!
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(all pics by me)
(todas as fotos tiradas por mim)


  1. Adoro o look!
    E esse padrão, a mala é lindissima, enfim tudo na perfeição*

    Beijinho grande,
    Vanessa Ribeiro

  2. Hi darling. Tany I simply adore this look and color scheme on you. The soft, feminine top, the bold masculine bangles are perfect together. Love the pants, the wedges are gorgeous and so are you Tany, there is something about the outfit that makes it sing. New sunnies? Love them! That's the bag you were talking about the other day, right? I went to *our* shop, it's still available in black, and I am toying with the idea of buying one. It's an awesome bag. And I looked up their shoes, Tany you should not have told me, I fell in love several times over a couple of heels, breathtaking gorgeous. I will definitely look them up on Friday. Haven't seen the leo pants in the shop, otherwise I would have bought it. Weather here is thunder and rain, yeah well funny summer this year, isn't it? It's either tropical or more like April :/ Anyway thx for keeping an eye on my polka dot, the *link_one* is sold out in my size, yeah what else is new :( it has to have long sleeve because I want it for fall/winter. River Island has a nice one but not quite what I want, though. Peter Pan color would be great. Right now I am all for Peter Pan collar. I am sure I will find the right one. it just takes time. So you went totally unselfishly to our shop and bought nothing for you, am I supposed to believe this ;) just kidding honey. I was not such a good girl darling, went online shopping yesterday night, well three dresses and another pair of freaking cool shoes found somehow their way into the shopping cart, dunno how ;) Oh and wasn't it funny yesterday? While I was here you were over at my blog. As I said great minds think alike, lol. Tany my gorgeous blogger girlfriend gotta go.
    kisses darling

    1. Thank you so much Lenya darling! Well, the sunnies are not new, I got them a couple of years ago at our favorite store ;). Yes, their shoes will get me bankrupt some day... Yes, this is the bag I was telling you about, isn't it gorgeous? I've also spent quite a lot this past week, It's my response to stress, lol! I've also ordered a few items online, hope to get them nest week (a camel tailored long ves and two pairs of boots). Yes, great minds think alike!! Hope you find the peter pan collar blouse honey, it's gorgeous and you'll love it!!
      Again,soul sister, thank you so much for always cheering me up!! xoxo

  3. Just breathe through the stress plus you look great! I really like those wedges!!

    X Diana

  4. Muito gira, Adorei o Outfit!

  5. Lindo conjunto Tany.
    Adorei as sandalias tbm


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