Friday, August 8, 2014

Tan, khaki and beige - Mel, verde-tropa e bege

Today’s outfit: I’m wearing a top that you've recently seen on the blog (click here) with printed silky baggy pants in mustard yellow, beige and khaki, and my new khaki lace-up shoes; aren't they gorgeous? Speaking of shoes, I've also received the wedge shoes that I've ordered online last week (shown here) and unfortunately I’ll have to return them because they are too small… I guess I’ll have to find this style elsewhere. It’s the second item that I’ll be returning this week. I've also received the black bag, but that one is even more beautiful in real life, I'm not returning it!

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody! 
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O conjunto de hoje: O top cor-de-mel que já me viram a usar aqui, usado com umas calças de seda estampadas em tons mustarda, verde-tropa e bege, e uns sapatos verde-tropa novos (não são lindos?). Falando de sapatos, também recebi os sapatos bi-colores de salto cunha que encomendei na semana passada (mostrados aqui), mas infelizmente vou ter de os devolver porque ficam-me apertados no pé… Já é o segundo item da lista da semana passada que devolvo, isto das compras online nem sempre corre bem. Também já recebi a bolsa preta, mas essa é espetacular, vou ficar com ela!

Tenham todos um ótimo fim-de-semana!
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(all pics by me)
(todas as fotos tiradas por mim)


  1. Love the look, the shoes scream fierce ;)


  2. Tany just one word Gorgeous. I know I repeat myself but I am running out of terms, you look always stylish and unique. You are very versatile in your outfits but it's always you, hope this makes any sense to you, lol. Darling where are those shoes from? They are beyond lovely they are stunning! Love the back detail of the top, amazing bag. Eager to see the new black bag. I have no luck with black purses, I am on the hunt for a special one, sold out everywhere by Guess. I am on the look out for a similar one since ages, whenever I spot one, something goes wrong, duh! I need a black one, the black's I have are all to dense, too casually, not chic/elegant enough, duh! You know what I mean, don't you. These pants are absolutely glamorous!
    kisses darling

    1. Thank you my darling! I've already replied about the shoes; the top was bought at a local store that sells "Made in Portugal" clothes; remember when I said that I bought a top that reminded me about your golden one from H&M? This is the one! And the pants are from the same H&M conscious collection, I bought them when I went to see if the golden top was still available ;).
      Many hugs and kisses xoxo

  3. Omg those shoes!! I love this colour palette Tany and the silk pants are gorgeous!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  4. There are those shoes again, sorry I'm reading your posts backwards!!! They are so awesome and I love How you have styled them! Fab!

    x Diana

  5. Tenho visto todos os teus looks mas como a rede aqui é fraca não tenho comentado, mas adorei este conjunto!

    1. Obrigada Mónica! Pensei logo que o top te iria dar ideias!! ;)


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