Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mesh neoprene dress, red leather jacket and gladiators – Vestido de neopreno, jaqueta de couro vermelho e gladiadoras

Very differently from yesterday’s corporate chic look, today I went for an extravagant look featuring the neoprene mesh dress that I showed before here, a very old red leather jacket and my black gladiators. I can’t help thinking “Urban Warrior” when I look at these photos and my theatrical posture, lol! Sometimes dressing up is all about having fun and trying out different looks, exploring the boundaries and being innovative at times. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s outfit, thank you so much for visiting! 
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Para contrastar com o look de ontem, hoje deu-me para um pouco de extravagância e decidi usar o vestido de neopreno com textura de rede (mostrado aqui), uma jaqueta de couro bastante antiga e as minhas sandálias gladiadoras. Ao olhar para as fotos e par as minhas poses teatrais as palavras “Guerreira Urbana” vêm-me à cabeça, haha! Vestirmo-nos por vezes tem tudo a ver com divertirmo-nos, tentar coisas novas e explorar fronteiras. Espero que tenham gostado, muito obrigada por virem cá visitar!
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(all pics by me)
(todas as fotos tiradas por mim)


  1. Urban chic!!!!I really like!!!!
    kisses ))

  2. love the short sleeves on the jacket ,did you do that

    1. Thanks Valerie! No I did't, I bought this jacket many years ago :-)

  3. This is one HOT look! Love the shoes :)

  4. Olá Tany!
    O que gosto neste conjunto é o facto do blusão ser de manga curta, pois normalmente têm sempre mangas compridas.
    O conjunto está muito harmonioso, chique e urbano ao mesmo tempo!
    Beijos de Lisboa

    1. Muito obrigada Helena! É um conjunto um pouco juvenil, mas é um estilo que sempre me agradou :). Beijinhos!

  5. Tany this one is so cool! Love the color combo. The dress is amazing. The short sleeve leather jacket is TDF! You look marvelous, happy and kinda cute. Hope your week has improved, mine didn't. Had to do overtime yesterday, no shopping, was just too tired. But did a quick one to H&M when I run my errands this morning and guess what, the skirt was in and I bought also some gorgeous shoes. So I am a little more happy than I was yesterday, lol.
    But I am not happy now, I did the dang word verification four times and it still says wrong again. DUH!
    kisses darling

    1. Thanks Lenya! I'm glad you're able to do some shopping this week, we really need this kind of "fix" to unwind from all the stress. I'm sorry for the word verification, I guess you're not the only one complaining about it,... But it is the only way to prevent "robots" from posting comments and I did have a few problems with spam comments in the past. I'll consider getting back to the usual comment moderation though.
      Many hugs and kisses, darling, hope you're having a nice relaxing weekend!

  6. Anche il giacchino rosso in pelle è molto bello.

  7. E mi piace come l'hai abbinato con la bella borsa rossa.



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