Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yellow and blue on a bright sunny day! - De amarelo e azul num dia iluminado de sol

Now we're talking summer! I’m so happy with this weather that I chose a bright color combo of yellow and blue. I've been dying to wear this yellow sweater and when I bought it this was the first outfit idea that came to mind (Lenya, do you remember when I told you about this outfit idea, just when I saw your outfit sporting the same sweater in a different way? I loved your outfit so much that I've already purchased some sand colored fabric to make a similar pencil skirt for myself!).
For your viewing pleasure, today there's also some Baby Fashion in the end: my little assistant stepped in because he wanted me to stop taking pictures and follow him around instead, as usual, lol! He's 22 months old and he's getting really big! 
Thank you so much for dropping by and your lovely comments, I appreciate every single one! 
Agora sim, já se sente o verão! Estou tão feliz com o tempo que escolhi este conjunto de tons vivos em amarelo e azul. Estava ansiosa por usar esta sweater desde que a comprei há cerca de dois meses, e na primeira vez que a vi este foi o primeiro conjunto que imaginei com ela (Lenya, lembras-te quando te falei desta ideia, quando te vi a usar a mesma sweater num conjunto diferente? Adorei o teu look de tal forma que já comprei tecido para fazer uma saia-lápis em bege/tom de areia para mim!).
Hoje têm também “Moda Infantil”: o meu assistente interrompeu a sessão porque queria que, em vez de estar ali a tirar fotografias a mim própria, fosse antes andar atrás dele nos seus passeios exploratórios, haha! Ele tá com 22 meses e a crescer a olhos vistos!
Muito obrigada por aparecerem e por deixarem comentários tão simpáticos, leio e aprecio cada comentário com muito prazer!

(all pics by me)
(todas as fotos tiradas por mim)


  1. Good morning my dear and gorgeous friend!!!!
    Tany you look gorgeous and very chic as you always do, love the colors of your beautiful outfit and your assistant looks very very cute, love the curly hair :-) yammi mummy and very sweet baby, picture perfect!
    Wish you great weekend ahead my love, now that the weather is turning great, Portugal is one enviable paradise destination to be in, maybe one day I travel to your amazingly beautiful country Tany and have chance to meet you ;-) lots of love, kisses and warmest hugs from your very good friend <3333333333333333

    1. My darling friend, how are you doing??? Hope all is well with you and your lovely family! How's the new place?
      Henrique is getting really big, isn't he? He's a really sweet kid, unless he's in pain or upset about something. He was getting mad at me because now he wants me to by by his side always! Oh well...
      I'd be thrilled to have you visiting us, my friend!! You'll be most welcome!
      Many hugs and kisses, miss your blog articles, darling!! <3333333333333333

  2. A Sweter é super original! fica muito bem com as calças que adoro!

    O h. está mesmo grande e super giro!



  3. Cool ! So sunny!

  4. Absolutely beautiful combination
    Very polish and youthful look
    Fabulous post

  5. love the layering and color combo! this outfit is stunning!

  6. This is awesome!

    My new post is online, what do u think about?

    Kisses from Italy

  7. Tany first things first, you look stunning! Loving the combo with the blue pants, an amazing pants btw! Love the combination with the stripes underneath. Gorgeous idea!! Wow you really got some fabric for the skirt!!! Can't wait to see the outcome honey. Yes I do remember that we talked about it. Really looking forward to it, actually can't wait to see it! That sweet son of yours is so adorable Tany. May I have him ;-) Give him a big kiss and a hug from me, will you.
    kisses darling

    1. Thanks Lenya!! I'll start on the skirt as soon as I can :). The color isn't an exact match (my fabric is a little bit darker), but I'm hoping to accomplish the same polite and clean look with a high waist pencil skirt.
      Many hugs and kisses, hun!

  8. That really cute top looks great with navy.

  9. A sua escolha combinou perfeitamente com o início da Copa... parece uma torcedora brasileira! Beijos. Tudo é lindo, mas o realmente incrível é o seu pequeno príncipe. Mais beijos.

    1. Obrigada Míriam! Por acaso eu lembrei que o Brasil ia jogar neste dia,e ainda bem que ganhou, pois de facto eu torci pelo Brasil! Talvez fosse uma boa ideia publicar uma série de posts inspirada nas equipas que jogam na Copa... Beijos!!

  10. As calças são mesmo lindas, assim como o filhote :)

    Taras e Manias

    1. Obrigada Sónia! O filhote é o que mais amo nesta vida!

  11. This look is fantastic! Great combination!


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