Friday, June 27, 2014

Salmon pink and brown polka-dot palazzo pants - Rosa-salmão e calças palazzo castanhas com pintinhas

Hello lovelies, TGIF! Today’s outfit combines my light pink jacket (self-made) with a double layer salmon pink top and these very original brown polka-dot palazzo pants. The jewelry and the watch are rose gold. Those of you who know a little about pattern making won’t have any difficulty if you wish to replicate this model; the front has a outwards pleat that is folded towards the center front seam (the two front pleats meet at the CF exactly); the effect is quite lovely, in my opinion. The back has a casing with elastic, and the front has a plain waistband; there is no zipper. 
Have a wonderful weekend guys, and thank you so much for visiting!

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Olá meus queridos, finalmente é sexta-feira! O coordenado de hoje combina a minha jaqueta-kimono rosa pálido (feita por mim) com um top solto de duas camadas em rosa-salmão e estas originais calças palazzo castanhas com pintinhas brancas. A bijuteria e o relógio são de cor rosa-dourado. Quem souber um pouco de desenho e manipulação de moldes não terá dificuldade em desenhar o molde destas calças a partir do molde base; a frente tem tuas pregas que se juntam exatamente sobre a costura da frente; o efeito é bastante bonito, na minha opinião. As costas têm um cós com elástico enquanto na frente o cós é normal. Não têm abertura com fecho, conseguem-se vestir graças ao cós elástico atrás. 
Tenham um ótimo fim-de-semana e muito obrigada por aparecerem!

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(all pics by me)
(todas as fotos tiradas por mim)


  1. I love your color scheme and the entire loo,.

  2. Wonderful look! Love the palazzo trousers so much!

  3. Tany you look so darling in this outfit. It's gorgeous. Love the effortless chic of it, the pants are TDF same goes for the top. The color is so pretty. You are one of those who can wear any color, they all suits you so beautifully. Honey you look drop dead gorgeous! No mirror aviator today? Sorry couldn't resist, could I ;-) Love the necklace. About the other thing, you are absolutely right Tany. It's not worth the hassle. Tany I have done it again. I went to Guess, I should NOT use the parklot where the shop is located, that would be much wiser, anyhow, I saw that bag, well actually I saw two bags, perfect already for fall and seeing the 30% off was a too good offer to resist. Well I am weak, I bought both bags but I swear I will NOT go near that store for at least a couple of weeks. I will use the parklot at the oposite, I swear I swear, cross my heart and hope to die! Bought two hats too, cute ones, one is gray and will make it into fall as well. Then somehow two white skirts made it into my shopping bag, sort of lace ones, or better crocheted ones. A blue and white striped shirt which was a steal, and another pair of mules. That's all, see I was a good girl, well except for the guess bags. I must stop this obsession with Guess, especially them bags. And what's in your shopping bags? Oh and the blue trench at Zara's was reduced, but I didn't bought it, because spent already too much money, said Guess bags :-/
    Happy Sunday and lots of kisses darling

    1. Thanks Lenya!! LOL, it looks that you went on a shopping spree again!!! Don't feel bad about it, it's in our nature, lol! Just yesterday I lost my head over an outlet sale (70% discount!) and couldn't come empty handed: I grabbed four dresses for a little more than 60 euros! And all of them look quite expensive!
      Darling I hope you're recovering well, wish you all the best! xoxo

  4. Adoro as calças são um must!


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