Monday, March 3, 2014

We don’t Need Another Hero

Whenever I put on this ribbed knit top I remember Tina Turner in the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Movie singing “We don’t Need Another Hero”. I’ve own this top for quite a few years and it’s one of my one of a kind garments that I would never give away. Today I’m wearing it layered over a sweater with leather-like sleeves (self-made) leather mini-skirt and my go-to mid-heel OTK black boots. The crystal rock necklace adds up to the set without overpowering the ribbed top, which is the key element of the outfit. Have a wonderful Monday, everybody! 
Sempre que visto este top de malha canelada lembro-me sempre da Tina Turner no filme Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, a cantar “We don’t Need Another Hero”. Já tenho este top há uns anos e é uma daquelas peças que nunca seria capaz de me livrar. Hoje estou a usá-la sobre um top com mangas de napa (feito por mim), mini-saia de couro e as minhas botas sobre o joelho favoritas. A gargantilha com cristal acessoriza o conjunto sem tirar o protagonismo ao top de malha, que é a peça chave de hoje. Tenham todos uma ótima segunda-feira!


  1. Hi Teresa, this is definition of rock chic, the ribbed sweater is a fantastic piece, looks really great layered over black, love those awesome boots! Thanks for sharing your fashion views with me...Have a great start to March!

  2. uau!!! Adoro o conjunto!

    Bjs e bom carnaval!


  3. Very cool outfit
    Great pics too! :)

  4. Hey, my rock lady, you are super sexy! You are a hero! This style is amazing! Hope your little hero feels better now. Kisses

    1. Awwww, thank you my darling!!! Henrique ate his dinner and is now sleeping peacefully, so I'm happy!!

  5. WOW
    Que conjunto fantastico <3
    Essas botas são lindas*
    Muito estilo mesmo...

    Beijinho grande,
    Vanessa Ribeiro

  6. Hello my darling!!!
    WOW, I am so loving your outfit today! I kind of see another side of you, Teresa, more bold and daring, rocking and sexy :) you look absolutely stunning in this mini (which deserves a separate box with praising comments :) and you are right about your knit vest, it is very unique, I have never seen anything like that, it is very original. Superb styling as always my darling!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on Fashion Supernova, I greatly appreciate all the loving support that you show to me!
    Lots of love, kisses and hugs! <3 xoxoxo

    1. Thank you so much, my adorable friend!! This outfit is typical me from five or six years ago :). Since then I began using more color and trying to be more diverse style wise, but I like going back from time to time, I feel great wearing this style.
      You deserve it, darling, I meant every word!
      Lots of love <33333333333

  7. Yes totally Mad cool Tany!

  8. I first want to thank you for the wonderful comment. Then I saw this outfit and was like yeah....this one is really on point. Love the look.


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