Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mixing prints in Black&White – Mistura de padrões em Preto&Branco

Continuing with the monochrome vibe that I’ve been feeling lately, today I’m mixing three different prints in black and white: thin horizontal stripes on the knit turtleneck, glen plaid (aka Prince of Wales check) on the skirt and Fair Isle print on the fur trimmed hooded vest. Have a wonderful day and happy Carnival to those of you who celebrate it! 
Mantendo-me na linha monocromática dos últimos looks, hoje estou a misturar três padrões diferentes em preto e branco: riscas horizontais finas na camisola de gola alta, xadrez Príncipe de Gales na saia e Jaquard Fair Isle no colete com capuz debruado a pelo. Espero que gostem! Tenham uma ótima terça-feira e um feliz Carnaval para quem o celebrar!

(all pics by me)
(todas as fotos tiradas por mim)


  1. Hello, my darling! How are you?
    what a gorgeous mix of monochrome prints! You really look so cool in black and white Teresa. I like your skirt, the fabric and the print, and I was trying to hunt one down but couldn't find any, this is such classic print and look so beautiful with over the knee boots like in your outfit. You look absolutely stunning, fell in love with your vest, and it suits this outfit beautifully. Oh, Teresa, you are my fashion icon, and I mean it! love your style, very versatile and bright! love it! <3

    I have also read several posts where girls mention about carnival affair, are you going to attend one? I have never been to any carnival in my life, only saw carnival in Brazil on TV, absolutely breath taking! Have a lovely day my love! <3 xoxo
    Zhanna. www.stylehenge.com

    1. Thank you so much for your big compliments, dear friend Zhanna! It makes me very happy! Both the skirt and the sweater are this year's purchases; the vest is a couple of years old, a gift from my mother-in-law :).
      Here in Portugal the Carnival has its own tradition (different from the Brasilian's, but lately their influence is taking over, lol), and before I moved in with Miguel I used to dress a costume and go to the mascarade parties with my friends; Miguel is not very into it so I don't go out to Carnival parties anymore. At my hometown (Ovar), the Carnival has deep roots and goes back many years.
      Big hugs and kisses, and thank you for always cheering me up! <3333333333

    2. Thank you for reply my darling, it is always interesting for me to read what you have to say, just to know about you something more beyond gorgeous looks :), I also would like to say that you don't look your age at all WHATSOEVER! I am saying it not only because we are such good friends but because that is the truth, I don't know how you manage it, if you have any secret tips darling, please email me :)
      but honestly, you look FABULOUS Teresa!
      To be honest I didn't know that they also celebrate carnival in Portugal, I need to google for pictures :)
      Have a good day darling!
      lots of love, kisses and hugs! <333333333

    3. Thank you so much, Zhanna dalring :)), reading your comments always cheers me up! I have no secrets, just try to live a healthy life, exercise regularly, don't smoke or drink alcohol and I drink plenty of water specially in the morning when I wake up (I also add some fresh lemon juice to my first glass of water, it's good for your skin and health in general),... Other than that I use good cosmetics. A good makeup also helps concealing any flaws and the eventual dark circles around the eyes when my baby is sick and I'm unable to take a good night sleep ;)... Which was the case today :).
      Lots of love to you <33333333333

  2. You are so stylish every day! I love the print mix and your vest is so cool! I'm sure that you have a big-big garderobe room in your home. :) I was in Potugal some years ago, and I loved everything, and the seaside of Algarve is one of the most beautiful seaside. I will go back once! Sorry, but I miss summer, and suddenly I remembered that...Kisses


    1. Thank you Eszter! Yes, I have too many clothes and three big closets that are overpacked, lol! Yes, Algarve is the best place for summer vacations here in Portugal! I've been there several times and I'm always wishing to come back!! Kisses!!

  3. Hi dear, this is a wonderful graphic mix of prints, you have bright monochromes to life with it, I love love that adorably furry hood, it looks so warm! Its always great hearing from you hun.

  4. Super cool pics

    Awesome outfit!! Nice work


  5. Parecias uma esquimó! gosto muito desta combinação de padrões!




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