Friday, March 14, 2014

Casual mood in soft color tones - Look casual em tons suaves

Today I’m combining salmon pink with light grey and white, adding some metallic accents in silver with the shoes, belt and jewelry. I've been under some stress lately and I believe colors can/do affect my mood so this outfit is meant to inspire calm and peace of mind, and it’s also comfortable, relaxed and on trend because soft tones are definitely in right now. Have a wonderful weekend ahead, guys! 
No conjunto de hoje estou a combinar rosa salmão com cinza claro e branco, adicionando também tons metálicos prateados em alguns acessórios, nomeadamente a bijutaria, cinto e sapatos. Tenho estado sob algum stress nestes últimos dias e como acredito que as cores produzem efeitos na disposição, estes tons pretendem induzir calma e paz de espírito; quis também manter o conforto como linha principal, mas num visual moderno e “in”, pois os tons suaves/pastel estão definitivamente na moda. Tenham um ótimo fim-de-semana!


  1. Hello, dear Teresa!
    I hope the coming weekend will take all the stress away from you darling! You look wonderful in pastels, very chic and elegant! I also liked the loose silhouette of the trousers. Accessories are beautiful: the shoes the belt the necklace, everything creates one very successful 'story'. Even though you have been under stress, you look fabulous darling, and I truly mean it! wish you a very nice weekend ahead, hope you will be able to relax and get energy for the next week. Lots of love, kisses and biggest hugs from a very good friend of yours! <33333333 xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Zhanna darling! These last couple of days were busy and rough at work,... I've fallen behind on replying comments, and many other things,... Sometimes life really gets in the way. I feel very tired a bit down but your kind words always bring happiness to my day, so thank you for being there for me and always cheering me up :). I will try to unwind and take some rest during the weekend,... Hope you're alright and have a wonderful weekend too, my friend! Lots of love to you <3333333

  2. Love the pastel colors, and that jacket is so nice! Yes , if you are a bit stressed, maybe the muted color give you some relaxing feeling. That silver shoes is awesome in the sunshiny weather. Feel the sunshine , dear! Great weekend for you! Love,

    1. Thank you so much Eszter! I fell in love with these shoes the minute I saw them, and I was able to get them on sale at a very good discount. Today was the first time wearing them and I have to say they are not very comfortable, in spite of the low heel. They killed my feet, I have at least 4 blisters! Maybe this happened because they are new; I sure hope so because they are so beautiful and I would like to wear them again and again this spring...

  3. Super nice outfit
    Very cool pics too
    good made :)


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