Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cobalt blue from head to toe – De azul-cobalto da cabeça aos pés

Hello guys, back to the outfit posts we are! Today‘s outfit features these cobalt blue high-waist culottes; this type of pants are not the most flattering on most people because they tend to shorten your legs, visually speaking; to minimize the shortening visual effect they should be high-waist, worn with heels and preferably with a cropped top. This is not the case with today’s outfit; the cobalt blue top is bellowing the natural waist level, but since it’s all the same color, it creates an elongating effect on the figure against the shortening effect of the pants. You all have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting! 
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Olá pessoal, estamos de volta aos looks do dia! O conjunto de hoje contém umas culotes azul-cobalto; este tipo de calças curtas e largas na bainha não são as mais favorecedoras (especialmente se forem baixinhas ou tiverem um tronco alto em relação às pernas), pois têm o efeito visual de encurtar as pernas. Para minimizar este efeito devem ter a cintura bem subida, serem usadas com sapatos altos e tops curtos. Tal não é o caso do conjunto de hoje: o top fica bem abaixo da linha da cintura, mas uma vez que o conjunto é todo da mesma cor, alonga a figura combatendo o efeito das culotes. Tenham um ótimo dia e obrigada por aparecerem!
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(all pics by me)
(todas as fotos tiradas por mim)


  1. wow this Outfit is so cool,
    the Color suits you perfectly

    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:

    1. Thank you Amely! Of course I'll visit your blog! Many hugs!

  2. Parabéns pelo seu bom gosto! Adoro esta cor e fica-lhe muito bem. Beijinhos.

  3. You look divine Tany! Absolutely divine! You know that I love cobalt blue, don't you. Cobalt blue and pink are my all-time-faves. It's not easy to match cobalt blue, but you did an exxeltent job darling. All shades of cobalt are just in perfect harmony. Gorgeous Tany! Great post. I love how you explain fashion things and how to wear certain clothes. It's informative and most helpful too. I just read your comment, well why I am not surprised darling? The same short eh ;) I haven't bought the matching jacket, also I was tempted, but after buying three white and one red jacket I thought that would be enough for summer, lol, anway I bought also another short that day, the cobalt blue flower printed one, not the striped one. We are in for a heat wave that makes shotings not much fun :( I really am looking forward to the beige pencil, totally curious about it. Well not much time today Tany, anything else I'll tell you later.
    kisses gorgeous

    1. Thank you darling!!! I'm a fan of cobalt blue too and you're right, it's not easy to match... I'm glad this outfit came out well :). My hair was a mess, though and the wind doesn't help at all... I also loved the cobalt blue flower short (and the jacket) but three jacket/short suits felt too much even for me, LOLOL! But let me tell'ya, I wen't to that devious store today, just for browsing through the sales again and, well,... I didn't come out empty handed; you know that zebra print mini-skirt and boxy jacket? I felt both would be great for next fall because of the textured fabric and I gave in!!! AGAIN! I'm shameless, there's no excuse.
      Kisses darling,

  4. Wow... Adoro essa cor! Estás mesmo gira!

    Fashionalatic Blog

  5. Although it's all the same color, you've managed to mix the shades so beautifully!

  6. Que azulão lindo <3
    Adorei o look, principalmente as sandálias

    Beijinho grande,
    Vanessa Ribeiro

  7. O colar deu um apontamento lindo ao look

    Taras e Manias


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