Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chic in silver and pink (self-made top) - Chique em prateado e rosa (top feito por mim)

I've been wanting to wear this silver/pink combo for quite some time; this is a dressier outfit combining an asymmetric silver satin top that I've made in 2011 with a bubblegum pink pencil skirt purchased in April (regarding the top, I've published some details in a project roundup post on my sewing blog, click here and scroll down until you reach the silver top, if you’re interested). The bag came as a gift when I bought the Wella solar care line a couple of months ago and goes perfectly with this outfit. The silver pointy shoes are from last season but still quite on trend right now. And that’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed today’s outfit, thank you so much for visiting!
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Já andava a querer usar esta combinação de cores há bastante tempo; é um conjunto mais aprumado que combina um top de cetim prateado assimétrico que fiz em 2011 com uma saia travada cor-de-rosa que comprei em Abril deste ano  (quanto ao top, publiquei alguns detalhes no meu blogue de costura num artigo em que fiz um apanhado de vários projetos; cliquem aqui e desçam até verem o top em questão, se estiverem interessados). A bolsa veio como brinde quando comprei a linha capilar solar da Wella e conjuga perfeitamente com este look. As sabrinas prateadas “bicudas” são do Inverno passado mas continuam muito na moda este verão. Espero que tenham gostado do look de hoje, muito obrigada por visitarem!
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(all pics by me)
(todas as fotos foram tiradas por mim)


  1. Silver and pink - would have never thought of that. A gorgeous combination.

  2. belíssima combinação, muito elegante!!

  3. Tany you look amazing!!! Great job with the top, you could be a designer! I love the pink and silver combo, so ladylike and elegant!
    I wish you a lovely Friday my friend!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  4. I love his beautiful colour combination, I think this look would inspire designers to try it on the runway, the silver metallic heels are divine!

  5. Esta è sem duvida a minha combinaçao de cores favorita Tany.

    1. Muito obrigada Rosa! Não é muito comum, mas eu adoro! Beijinhos!

  6. OK here I am better late than never ;) hahaha, Tany you look glam. The whole look is glam and you rock it darling. The silver shoes are still on trend because winter is all for silver too, great no? That amazing back was a bonus? Well lucky you! Tany you look fantastic. I'll answer here honey. Oh Tany sweetie that's not good, sorry to hear that, wish I could do something, you know if you need a shoulder to cry on, lean on me OK? Don't let it drag you down, it's something you love don't let anyone take it away from you. Hope you really will feel better today (((T))) I am curious about how many pieces we are really share, lol. I was a pretty good girl yesterday, I only bought a dress, a lace skirt but dunno if I'll keep it, we'll see, and then there was that gorgeous nude/powderpink/dustypink_kinda funny color blazer I just couldn't resist Tany, I was looking for such a colored blazer for ages. It was on sale, and I got an additional discount of 15% too, it was the last one, though. It was a steal darling, it wouldn have been crazy not to take it home with me. It's totally versatile, I can wear the jacket with almost everything, doing the happy dance here, lol. What else did I buy? Oh yes two belts, and lot's of reduced jewelry. See I was a good girl. But I spent a fortune at the drugstore but just for things I had to replace, you know all those beauty things like foundation, bodymilk, haircare, eyecream.......

    1. Hey Lenya, THANK YOU! I'm feeling better already, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?? Anyway, I'm also curious to know what many more clothes we share in common, lol! I hear you on the dusty pink blazer, it's one of the most versatile colors and a blazer is something you will wear a lot, so I'm pretty sure you've made a great buy! I also believe in fate and the sort, when I'm looking for something very specific and I suddenly find it and it's the only piece in store AND it's my size! It also happens when I haven't made up my mind about buying something and I'm thinking about it,... Then I spot it on one of my favorite blogs, worn into a gorgeous outfit and I think, THAT'S IT!!!! And I just dive in! LOL!!!
      Yes, beauty products, the ones we cannot live without,... I also spend a good share on those ;)
      Many hugs and kisses to you, honey!!

  7. Uau! O conjunto é lindo! Adoro o top, a saia, tudo!




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