Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tomato red and black leather on a cloudy day - Vermelho-tomate e cabedal preto num dia de céu nublado

I love all shades of red and this season I'm loving tomato red the most. If the weather was sunny I would have combined the top and the coat with a softer/lighter color like light grey, stone, beige or even white, but since I woke up to another cloudy and not so warm day I figured black leather and Chelsea boots were more appropriate. I bought this coat because I was amazed by the fabric, some kind of raffia… It makes the perfect spring coat in my opinion because it's very light. My little assistant was playing peek-a-boo around the corner trying to catch my attention and M. was able to shoot this great picture of him running towards us! He's so cute, don't you think? 
Hope you guys are enjoying the week so far! Thanks for visiting! 
Adoro todos os tons de vermelho e nesta estação o meu tom favorito é o vermelho-tomate, um vermelho a tender para o alaranjado. Se o tempo estivesse mais primaveril, teria optado por combinar esta cor com tons mais claros, como o bege, cinza-claro ou até branco ou branco-sujo, mas como o dia está nublado com pinta de que vai chover, achei que preto seria mais apropriado e combinei o top e o casaco com as minhas calças de cabedal e botas Chelsea. O meu pequeno assistente estava a brincar de esconde-esconde a tentar chamar a minha atenção e o M. conseguiu tirar esta foto dele a correr para nós… Está tão giro, não acham? Espero que estejam a ter uma ótima semana até ao momento!
Fiquem bem e obrigada por visitarem!

(all pics by M.)
(todas as fotos tiradas pelo M.)


  1. Que llok bonito!
    Adoro essas duas cores juntas, estás linda.
    Que sorriso lindo do teu pequenino <3

    Beijinho grande,
    Vanessa Ribeiro

  2. Gira :)
    Gostei do blog, tens uma nova seguidora!


  3. WOW!

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    Kisses from Italy

  4. super cool outfit and love the sharp colour contrast here! that bright red is super hot!

    Check out my latest post on the Blog :)
    AL xx

  5. Another super WOW outfit Tany, you're a style icon!! And your boy is The cutest cute!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook
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  6. Hello, my dear darling Tany!!!!

    I haven't been on a visit for a while and I have missed you greatly my friend! Thank you so much for your very warm and just lovely comment! <33333333
    Tany, hope you don't mind me telling you, but I would like you to know, as you are a true LADY and simply a beautiful person in and out, I have been undergoing few inner transformations recently, which I see as only good, and I don't know now if I come back to blogging as I've realized one thing, I had always believed that fashion is my biggest passion, turned out that it is not, it used to be, but not now, I guess I was simply lying to myself lately :-) or indulged in 'wishful thinking' :-(

    Little Henrique is so so cute and sweet, AND his outfit is very comfy and stylish ;-)
    Tany, You look absolutely stunning in this outfit, and I just llllloooovve it, gorgeous red color together with black leather pants, the mix of textures looks very very chic. Your lipstick and nail polish are beautifully complimenting your hair as well. Just wonderful look!!!!
    Love you my friend!!!! thank you again for showing your concern, I've been really moved my love <3
    kisses and lots of biggest hugs!!!

    1. My darling, all that matters to me is that you're alright... I've been where you are, believe me. My blogging adventures had ups and downs and for several times I thought about quitting and even took some time off to think through if it was really worth all the time and effort invested. I wish you could come back to blogging because I really enjoy your writing, your good humor and your joy of living, but if that's not possible (at least for now), I respect your choice. You have a friend in me, I'm here if you ever need to talk... Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you, dear Zhanna!
      Thanks for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it!
      Many hugs and kisses, and all my love to you, my dearest friend! <3333333333

    2. Oh, Tany, you are so so kind and simply wonderful, thank you so much for all the support that I have got from you within all this time. This is something very special and means a lot to me <3
      You know sometimes I miss my blogging thing but at the moment I am channeling all my energy and attention into myself first of all and my family. I have set few goals that I wish to achieve this year, fingers crossed they all happen as planned or even better, I will be sharing with you for sure along the way :-)
      Thank you so much again for the kindest and nicest words that I have ever got to hear in my whole life believe it or not my friend, you are such a star, love you immensely my darling <3 wishing you great weekend ahead <3333333333
      kisses and lots of hugs xoxoxox

  7. You look stunning, red is your colour!

  8. You look incredible
    Love the red on you
    Very classy and chic outfit

  9. Estás guapísima, un look genial, mil besos

  10. Esse casaco é mesmo lindo, adorei, que cor viva!
    A última foto ---- fofura

    Taras e Manias

  11. O H. foi bem "catado"!!!!!
    Adoro o conjunto e fica-te super bem o vermelho!




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