Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Styling a simple white shirt and jeans into something unique – Transformando um look simples de camisa branca e Jeans em algo único

Today’s look was inspired by Zhanna’s last post “This is not a white shirt”; after reading her article about this simple basic wardrobe element and the multitude of ways it can be styled into an outfit, I decided to come up with this ensemble, incorporating a white shirt, ripped jeans, adding some bright color and also putting in something unexpected (the bustier top layered over the shirt). I was quite happy with the result and also with how the pictures came out (thank you M. for snapping these during our lunch break). Enjoy! 
O look de hoje foi inspirado pelo último artigo da Zhanna, “This is not a white shirt”, sobre este básico do nosso guarda-roupa e as múltiplas maneiras de o estilizar; depois de ler este artigo, senti-me compelida a imaginar algo incorporando uma camisa branca e o resultado foi este conjunto com jeans rasgados, laranja-vivo para um toque de cor, e claro, juntando algo inesperado, neste caso o boustier sobre a camisa. Fiquei bastante satisfeita com o resultado e também com as fotos (obrigada M. pelo trabalho de as tirar durante a nossa pausa para almoço). Espero que gostem!


  1. Beautiful Style
    love the color combo!

  2. This is fabulous Tany!! Love the combination, the orange brighten up everything to perfection. Love your heels!!! Great outfit honey!

  3. Hey Tany!! This is a great look! The vest over the shirt is super cute and the necklace is awesome! x d


  4. Hello my gorgeous Tany!

    OMG, I am absolutely moved, what a wonderful surprise!!!! And thank you so much for mentioning about me, this is sooooooo kind of you darling!
    I am extremely happy to come as an inspiration! You look absolutely fabulous as you always do, I love this look to bits, especially to the tiniest one (apart from accessories) the bustier!!! it looks so so pretty, you just nailed that gorgeous ripped classic wardrobe piece. The whole look featuring white shirt as a central one, is styled to perfection! That pearl choker is gorgeous, I would love to have one too, I have seen it on other girls, but you just made me fall in love with it very deeply I must say :)
    The pictures are really gorgeous, I noticed you changed the setting darling, I love that green backdrop!
    The collage you created is absolutely fantastic and looks in this post beautifully!

    I love you Tany! You are the biggest inspiration for me!!! Wish you a very nice day sweetie! Lots of kisses and hugs from a very good friend of yours! <33333333333



    1. Thank you so much my adorable friend! You certainly deserve the highlight!! Loved your post so much and then my head began working on an outfit for the next day,... You were truly inspiring my dear friend!!!
      Lots of love to you <333333333333
      (Henrique caught a cold and it's coughing a lot in his sleep,... I better go check on him now)

    2. Me again sweetie! How is little Henrique? Hope he will get better very soon darling! Wish you a nice day tomorrow, kisses and hugs to your baby boy! <3333

    3. He's feeling much better this morning, thank you for asking dear Zhanna! The coughing stopped somewhere near midnight and he woke up in very good mood today, so we took him to the kindergarten as usual :). Have a wonderful day my darling! <333333333

  5. Great outfit, love the orange accents!


  6. Olá Tany!

    Hoje não tive oportunidade de lhe dizer que estava muito Bonita.

    Adorei a combinação!!!

    Beijinhos grandes.


    1. Obrigada Isabel!! Este conjunto resultou muito bem, na minha opinião,... No início não era para ser assim, tinha posto de lado um top cai-cai em pele, mas à última hora lembrei-me deste top colorido! Beijinhos grandes e obrigada!!

  7. Brilliant! I love especially the cropped top styled over the shirt!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  8. You look so beautiful! I love the bright orange blazer and boy did you transform a simple button-up shirt! xx

    <(`) Hoda || JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  9. LOVE this look! Love how you are wearing the crop top!

  10. Uma maneira super estilosa de usar crop top, Gostei :)

    Taras e Manias

  11. Gosto muito desta ideia! Brilhante!




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