Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter! – Uma Páscoa Feliz!

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! I wore this outfit yesterday to a family dinner at my in laws; I’m wearing a sand colored trench coat with my self-made chartreuse top (click here for the sewing review), a beautiful printed organza pleated mini-skirt and my old suede OTK boots. The mini-bag is about four years old and I had forgotten about it until I found it stashed in the back of one of my closets (isn’t it great when this happens?). 
I’ve also spent Friday’s holiday at home sewing and I’ve added a few more DIY pieces to my wardrobe, hope to show them to you guys soon! We will also take the next week off, and hopefully I’ll have some time to sew some more spring clothes. 
Wishing you all a wonderful Easter Sunday, and thank you so much for your lovely comments! 
Feliz Páscoa para todos os que a celebram! Usei este conjunto ontem para um jantar em casa dos meus sogros; tenho vestida uma gabardina cor-de-areia, um top verde-maçã feito por mim (podem ler aqui o artigo de costura, se estiverem interessados), uma saia às pregas de organza estampada e as minhas velhas botas pelo joelho de camurça. A bolsa pequena tem cerca de quatro anos e tinha-me esquecido completamente que a tinha até a achar no fundo de um dos meus armários (adoro quando isto me acontece!). 
Passei o feriado de sexta-feira santa em casa a costurar, por isso acrescentei mais algumas peças feitas por mim ao meu guarda-roupa; espero poder mostrá-las em breve! Na próxima semana também estarei de férias e espero ter algum tempo para fazer mais umas coisinhas para a primavera.
Desejo-vos a todos um ótimo domingo e agradeço desde já os vosso simpáticos comentários!


  1. Happy Sunday and Happy Easter my gorgeous Tany!

    I checked out on your blog straight after I replied to your wonderful comment on my blog, ... no post, so I thought that you might publish your look on Monday, you know what sweetie, I am just drawn to your blog so I decided to check again, you know, just in case... AND I see a new post! Yay!!!! You look simply stunning sweetheart!

    I love the dominating color of your outfit which is olive green, the whole outfit is styled perfectly! The organza skirt is of course stealing the whole attention at first and then it is spreading out to the rest of the look, well, that's how it worked on me :) love your suede boots (as I am such a huge fan of suede footwear) and that little gem that you happened to discover in your closet :)
    Wish you great Easter holidays and hope to see you very soon my dear friend! Love you Tany, lots of kisses and hugs from a very good friend of yours!!!!
    <33333333333333 xoxoxoxo


    1. Thank you so much, darling!! I felt great wearing these colors and I came back home that day feeling happy because the dinner went so well and Henrique behaved so well! We left Miguel's parents home way past Henrique's bed time and I was a little worried about him but it turned out he slept through the whole journey back home (it was an hour drive); we dressed him with his PJ's before leaving so when we arrived we just carried him up to his bed and he didn't awake. It was a good day!
      Love you too, my darling, hope everything is fine with you and your lovely son and husband! I feel sorry that you don't have any family in Ireland but I'm pretty sure you have lots of friends who love you and keep you company as well!
      Loads of kisses and hugs to you dear!

  2. I love this outfit on you. Great look. The skirt is gorgeous, love everything. You look marvelous.
    Happy Easter sweetie

  3. How Easter cute. Love the colors you paired together.

  4. Boa Páscoa, óptima combinação, gostei em especial da saia. bjs

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot Coco!! Many hugs and kisses!!!

  6. Hey Happy Easter Honey!

    This is such a great colour palette. The skirt is so pretty. I could see myself in this with a chambray shirt. Love your sunnies too

    x d


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