Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fringed suede jacket and self-made lace dress - Jaqueta de camurça com franjas e vestido rendado feito por mim

Today I’m in full spring mood, wearing a dress that I've made a few years ago (click here for the sewing detail if you’re interested) and a fringed suede jacket that I've bought during the summer sales in 2012 (it turned out to be a good investment because it’s quite on trend right now). Also wearing new sandals and bag; as I was leaving home I had an accident with the bag and I've stained it badly with red nail polish (it happened right after taking these photos; this is me knocking with my head on the wall now). I've tried to clean it using polish remover and the stain faded out but it’s still there… Shame on me for being so stupid so careless handling nail polish with the bag on my lap. 

Hope you’re having a better day than I am… 
Hoje estou em disposição plena de Primavera, a usar um vestido rendado que fiz há uns anos (cliquem aqui para o artigo sobre a costura, se estiverem interessados) e uma jaqueta de camurça com franjas que comprei nos saldos de verão de 2012. Parece que foi um bom investimento pois as franjas estão em alta esta primavera. Também estou a usar umas sandálias e bolsa novas, mas tive um acidente mesmo antes de sair de casa (depois de tirar as fotos): manchei a bolsa com verniz vermelho (isto sou eu a bater com a cabeça na parede agora…). Quem me manda a mim ser estúpida ser descuidada a ponto de mexer com verniz das unhas com a bolsa colo,…
Espero que estejam a ter um dia melhor do que o meu...


  1. Darling Spring is very flattering on you :-) sorry for the accident with the bag, it's so beautiful! I love your sandals too, and the dress, the jacket and the necklace. Well, you rock! Hope you can remove the stain! Much much love
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  2. Oh darling NO (((()))) what a darn thing to happen. Bummer! Hope you can get rid of the stain. Your outfit is again perfect, chic, trendy and spot on! Love everything about it. Cool sunnies! Thx honey for your sweet comment. Take your time Tany. You can do it whenever you feel like do it. No pressure. Thx for telling me about the pants. Will check it out and who knows maybe I got lucky. Anyway darling have a great day I have to dash

    1. Thank you honey! I'm not sure the pants are still available, I ordered them a couple of months ago, but it's worth trying.
      Many hugs!!

  3. Oh, I'm sorry you and that beautiful bag. Hope you will be relaxed soon. Everything has a reason, dear..
    I love lace, it's so romantic. Love your jacket , and the sandals are so pretty!! Have a wonderful afternoon. xx Eszter


    1. Thank you my darling Eszter!! <3

  4. Olá meu querido amigo Tany!
    My darling, I feel very sorry that this accident took place, hope you will be able to do something about it.I understand how you must be feeling as I had similar situation happened to my beautiful leather bag, it was a ink stain from a pen which just wouldn't come off, but thankfully it was on the inner side of the bag, so it couldn't be seen.
    You look absolutely fabulous, everything just looks perfect, but I would especially make accent on your gorgeous fringe jacket, the color is rich and bright. Your sandals are awesome Tany, I love the strap arrangement and the double buckle detailing, looks very pretty.
    We cannot yet wear sandals here, but honestly I can't wait for that to happen. I am having huge urge for warm-Tshirt-shorts-flipflops time :)
    Wish you nice day tomorrow, my sweetheart <333
    love love love xxxx from
    your very good friend


    1. Thank you so much darling! Again, I really hope you're feeling better. I don't like imagining you going through any kind of discomfort or pain...
      The jacket was a great buy; I remember when I bought it I wasn't able to wear it because I was too "big" because of the pregnancy; back then I kept buying clothes specially during the sales, hoping to wear them next season; most of them payed off because they were much cheaper than the original or current price tags and they are perfectly wearable and trendy right now.
      Many hugs, kisses, love and good wishes to you my darling!!! Love you!!!

  5. Oh no! that bag is so cute. Love the softer colours of today's outfit.

  6. Ah No! Sorry Tany! Well you look fabulous so there is at least something to be happy about!! Love the fringe jacket!!

    x d


    1. Thanks Diana! Fortunately I was able to save the bag! I was feeling sick just with the though of having ruined it...

  7. O vestido está muito giro, adoro a carteira

    Taras e Manias

    1. Obrigada Sónia, felizmente consegui disfarçar completamente a mancha...

    have u a nice sunday!
    Do you want to follow each other on instagram? I'm @chicstreetchoc! Thank uuu


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