Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hey Sailor! – Eh Marinheiro!

Nothing speaks sailor more than a navy blue pea coat and stripes! I’d prefer wearing this look with white sneakers but I was in a hurry and couldn't find them anywhere (note to self: need to organize my shoe closet asap!), so instead I grabbed yesterday’s biker boots. This week I’ll be wearing mostly flat shoes because I’ll be in charge of dropping my son off at daycare and heels are not exactly compatible with carrying a 27 pound toddler around. What do you think of my new navy blue chunky chain necklace? It came in the mail yesterday and I could not wait wait another day to show it off! Have a wonderful day, guys! 
Nada faz lembrar marinheiros mais do que um casaco assertoado azul-marinho e riscas! Preferia usar este look com ténis brancos, mas não os consegui encontrar em lado nenhum (nota para mim própria: preciso de organizar o armário dos sapatos asap!), por isso peguei nas botas que tinha usado ontem. Esta semana vou dar preferência aos saltos rasos ou baixos porque vou ser eu a deixar o Henrique no infantário na maioria dos dias e não dá jeito nenhum andar com quase 13Kg ao colo de saltos. O que acham do meu novo colar corrente azul-marinho? Chegou ontem pelo correio e tive que o usar imediatamente! Fiquem bem, tenham um ótimo dia!


  1. Hey!! This look is super chic! And I LOVE that necklace, such a statement piece without being too bling! x d


  2. Hello Tany!!!
    Very beautiful and I think that is incredibly convenient!!!
    Necklace is very suitable to this image!!!
    I wish You a great day!!!!

  3. Love this look! I have been considering a similar necklace, you convinced me!

    1. Thanks Lisette! The fist time I saw a necklace like this I fell in love but the price tag was completely out of my league... I'm glad I found this affordable version so I can rock this style without going bankrupt!

  4. Hello, my gorgeous Tany!
    How are you and little Henrique? I hope you guys are having fun together :) Tany, sweetie, you look absolutely gorgeous! I especially loved your black coat, I am such a huge fan of short coats and yours is great! I also loved how you did you hair, this hairstyle really suits you beautifully! and WOW, that chain is very statement, matches the look perfectly, considering the presence of the coat, love it!
    Today my son went to a new school, which is 5 min away, very nice teacher and the kids were very welcoming. From next week they are having 2 week Easter holidays. Hopefully the weather will be nice to be able to spend some time outside. It is still very chilly, the sun is shining but feels very cold in the air.
    Wish you great week my darling, love you greatly, lots of big hugs and kisses to you guys, hope Henrique is doing ok without daddy :) <3333333333

    1. Thanks so much dear Zhanna!!! The hair style is not a big deal... I simply poy it up and used a big clamp to keep it in place! My hair gets awful with the humidity and I have only two options: hear it wild (lol) or like this... There's no time in the morning to elaborated hairdos!
      Many hugs and kisses my darling!!

  5. Hello, my darling, please don't be cross with me sweetie, I am on a return visit again now to your blog as last night I didn't read at all your post as I was stressed out with my son who was so naughty, hope you forgive me for being color blind :) On the photos the coat and the necklace look absolutely black :) Wish you nice day my dear Tany! <3333333
    p.s. hope you are not disappointed....<3333 kisses and hugs!

    1. My dear friend, the coat looks almost black (I call it midnight blue) so it's a honest mistake, please don't bother with that at all! The pictures will look darker on some screens,...
      I've spent last week alone with Henrique, so I've had my share of his occasionally bad temper too!! He was missing his daddy, so I forgave him... He still could "talk" to daddy using skype, but it's not the same... This week was super hectic to me too, hope it will be better next week,...
      Lots of love to you <333333333333333

  6. Adoro o conjunto! Estou para aqui a pensar no que falas-te dos saltos e a verdade é que eu desde que engravidei do T. quase nunca uso saltos e que saudades tenho... mas como tu, é complicado estar a carregar o miudo ao colo de saltos. Pena que os rasos não nos façam tão "bonitas" como os saltos...



    1. Pois, nos dias normais vou com o Miguel levá-lo e o Miguel é que o leva ao colo,... Mas na semana passada o Miguel teve uma viagem em trabalho. Outra alternativa foi levar um par de sapatos mais altos no carro e trocar depois de deixar o Henrique no infantário,... Beijinhos!

  7. Super cool pics :)
    Very nice outfit and post

  8. Hi Tany! Nautical style, which I love, is going to be super cool this summer! Your chain necklace is sensational!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  9. Hi darling, i should feature you on my blog because I just did a style set about stripes and your outfit is so perfectly styled. I love how versatile a striped top can be and yours works so well with the coat and pretty necklace. I am thankful for your comments, Ive been so hectic lately, I started a new position for the next few months. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Hi hun, thank you so much for dropping by, I always look forward to your comments!! Hectic has been my middle name too, I totally understand, darling!! Many hugs, happy weekend to you too!!


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