Friday, May 14, 2010

Manic Friday

Hoje não houve muito tempo para pensar no que vestir... Tentei cortar a severidade do traje negro com um toque de romantismo nos acessórios e nos punhos da blusa.

There wasn't much time to think about what to wear today... I tried to add a little interest to the plain black outfit adding a hint of romanticism: the accessories and the ruffled cuffs should do the trick.

(Scroll down for English)
A usar:
- Blazer básico preto
- Camisa de voile de algodão com folhos nos punhos
- Calças de ganga skinny pretas
- Sapatos cunha pretos com fivelas
- Bolsa de cabedal preta
- Colar de contas romântico, brincos e anéis com cristais pretos

- Black boyfriend blazer
- White sheer blouse with cuff ruffles
- Black skinny jeans
- Black multi-buckled wedges
- Black leather bag
- Romantic bead necklace, black crystal earrings and rings


  1. You have such gorgeous accessories too! Do you find you leave a mess in your bedroom as you go? I have been trying new ways to wear things this week and find I have a bed covered with rejected items as I rush off to

  2. Hi Vicki and thanks!
    Well, I have my own set of rules... The first one is never leave my stuff out of order (I wasn’t this obsessed when I was living in my old apartment – the place was so small to keep all my stuff that being tidy and organized was impossible - but since I’ve moved, I really try to keep my clothes and accessories as organized as possible). I have three mini-trunks, one for watches, other for bracelets and another for pearl accessories (pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, etc). I have a tall drawer cabinet where I keep my jewelry, my scarves, the belts, the hosiery and my extensive leather gloves collection, lol! I think the shoes are a lot harder to organize though. I have them separated by seasons but I don’t have enough storing space to keep them all accessible and visible, like I managed to do with my other accessories.

  3. Gorgeous outfit! and accessories! LOve LOve the shirt! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Mais um conjunto bem giro! Adoro este look romantico com os folhos e os acessórios.



  5. I like this look on you, and I'm loving the necklace too!


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