Friday, December 6, 2013

Under layering a fur vest - Um colete de pelo usado por dentro

I snapped these pictures in a hurry but I guess I was lucky and they turned out interesting, because I was shooting a dark neutral colored outfit against a white wall which reflects a lot of light (it was exposed to direct oblique sunlight) and I was using the Aperture mode with the max aperture setting (f/1.8 with this camera); the other settings were adjusted automatically to 1/1000s and ISO-64. The pictures are clearly overexposed, but in this case I think it worked out well (I didn't retouch any of the photos). I feel more and more intrigued about photography and willing to learn as much as I can, because it really makes a difference on how you showcase your outfits.

The outfit: I bought this vest recently because it has an interesting feature (not seen in the pictures): only the back of the neck and the front are made of fur (synthetic if you’re curious), while the back is made of a nice beige knit. This feature caught my eye because it makes this vest ideal for wearing under coats without bulking up on the back. The down parka coat (duck feather padded) is at least 7 years old in my wardrobe and I’m also wearing a black turtleneck sweater and paneled faux leather/knit leggings. Overall a warm and comfortable outfit without compromising style.

Tirei estas fotografias mesmo à pressa mas acho que tive sorte porque na minha opinião ficaram com um efeito interessante. Estava a fotografar um coordenado escuro e de tons neutros contra uma parede branca a refletir a luz solar oblíqua e usei o modo prioridade à abertura com a abertura máxima que esta máquina consegue (f/1.8). A máquina ajustou automaticamente a velocidade de disparo para 1/1000s (deve ser o máximo da máquina) e ISO-64. As fotografias ficaram claramente sobre-expostas mas neste caso acho que resultou num efeito bonito (não retoquei nenhuma das fotos). Cada vez me interesso mais por fotografia e estou disposta a aprender o máximo que puder, porque realmente faz a diferença e adiciona valor artístico ao que se pretende mostrar.

Acerca do coordenado de hoje: Comprei este colete recentemente porque tem uma caraterística que me chamou à atenção: só a frente e a gola atrás têm pelo (sintético), as costas são feitas de malha bege. Esta característica é interessante porque permite usar o colete sob casacos sem que as costas fiquem demasiado volumosas. O anoraque de penas já “vive” no meu armário há pelo menos 7 anos e também estou a usar uma camisola de gola alta preta e umas leggings com a frente feita de painéis de napa (a parte de trás é de malha). Em resumo um coordenado confortável e quentinho, sem comprometer o estilo.


  1. E como sempre linda! Gosto de te ver assim a sorrir nas fotos!



  2. Splendid! Great looking outfit. I've wanted a faux fur vest for a while, but didn't think it was practical given their are no sleeves and I would freeze to death. But the absence of a fur back makes it easy to wear a coat over it. Thanks for showcases this outfit.

  3. I love this! Such a great cold weather look!

  4. I am surprised it gets that cold in Portugal to wear all that warmth. It looks very warm and cosy. Great vest.

    1. Yes, it has been chilly around here... For example, at this moment it's 9ºC (approximately 48F). And winter hasn’t started yet…

    2. The weather has been funny here lately. We had 9c the other day and it is summer here! But today is a very nice 28. Time to get out into the garden.

    3. 28ºC sounds great!
      The temperature will rise a bit once it rains; in the meanwhile we're having cold sunny days... Which is great for layering and taking pictures outside!

  5. You look great! You just reminded me that I have a fur vest I need to wear! LOL


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