Monday, August 9, 2010

Vestido em croché – Crochet dress

(Scroll down for English)
O vestido foi feito por mim (detalhes no meu outro blog) e aqui podem vê-lo estilizado com azul-turquesa, para abrir um pouco a neutralidade do castanho mel. A cor do vestido foge um pouco às cores usuais cru ou preto, por isso acho que torna o vestido mais original e único. O colar, os brincos e o anel são um conjunto e normalmente não costumo usar conjuntos de bijutaria (tipo brincos, colar e anel todos iguais) mas achei que aqui ficava bem. Acrescentei uma foto das sandálias, porque além da cor têm uma textura muito gira. Espero que gostem!

I made this dress (the details are on my other blog) and here you can see it styled with some turquoise blue accessories that break the neutrality of the tan color of the dress. I chose the tan color for the dress because I thought it would be more original and unique. The necklace, earrings and ring are a set and I usually I don’t wear sets of jewelry all together but in this case I thought it would look nice. I also added a detail shot of the sandals, so you could see their nice texture. Hope you like it!


  1. The dress ist really well done and suits you so! Wish i could get the insturctions to make my own.

  2. Thanks Katharina! I have the instructions in french, if you want them just email me (my email is listed on the right upper corner)

  3. Beautiful dress! I made a crocheted dress about 5 years ago and I still love it!

  4. You look beautiful Tany. You really obtained a very good fit. I think the color you chose is very original and I love it paired with the turquoise accesories. I usually break up my turquoise set too ;-)

  5. I love this dress, the shoes are fantastic, great color

  6. Thank you Tany, unfortunately i dont speak french...

  7. Thank you so much for your comment !

    Really love your dress. You are gorgeous !

  8. What a beautiful dress!
    (And I am happy that you made this blog public again, you show a unique and personal style and that is worth beeing shown.)

    I just wonder... did you ever try with a turquoise bag? That might also look interesting.

  9. nowaks nähkästchen: Thanks! I don't own a turquoise bag (yet!), but I am trying to find a suitable turquoise yarn to make a smaller version of the "dublin bag"... Since my mind is starting to turn towards fall, I'm not sure if I will ever get to make the bag this year. I also like the tan color styled with red, orange and some shades of green, so this dress will make it into a few more interesting outfits!

  10. So pretty with the blue accessories. And love those shoes!!

  11. Eu sou suspeita
    pra falar do azul turqueza amo,
    em conjunto com o elegante vestido


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