Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A camisa inspirada na “Amon” da ACNE - My DIY ACNE Amon inspired shirt

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Terminei ontem a minha camisa inspirada na ACNE Amon (ver post anterior com a original) e não consegui resistir a usá-la hoje, de tal forma fiquei contente com o resultado. Esta camisa larga tem as costuras dos ombros abertas e uma lapela amovível (uma peça à parte que aperta nos botões da frente e num botão no ombro esquerdo) com uma écharpe que dá a volta por detrás do colarinho para cair do lado direito. Mais tarde publico os detalhes todos no meu blogue de costura Podem ver os detalhes aqui.
PS – Em algumas fotos podem ver a minha sala de costura através das portadas de vidro!

I finished my ACNE Amon inspired shirt yesterday (see previous post that shows the original) and I couldn’t resist wearing it right away; I am very pleased with the final result. This oversized shirt features open shoulder seams and a detachable lapel with a long scarf that goes from the left shoulder through behind the collar, falling over the right front. I’ll publish more details at my sewing blog later Click here for more details.
PS – On some photos you can actually see my sewing studio through the glass doors!



  1. Lovely! What kind of fabric are your leggings? I like the look of those.

  2. Thanks Adrienne! My leggings are made of two different knit fabrics: on the sides there's a black jersey panel and the front and back is also knit but it looks like leather, I think it's called wet look jersey

  3. Sempre a surpreender!
    Muito gira! A blusa é um espatáculo!
    Adorei a cor!

  4. WOW Tany, your shirt is absolutely awesome. The fabric is perfect. I must check your sewing blog to see what pattern you used and all the information on the shirt detail. You did an amazing job and you
    look beautiful :)

  5. sem comentario Tany... isso é demais, preta ficou ainda mais belissima.

  6. You look amazing in this top! Beautiful!

  7. Girissíma!

    Adorei a camisola! Muito irreverente mas muito chique!



  8. Beautiiiiiful! black really suits you. You should think seriously about modelling. :)

  9. This is a great look, Tany. I love the flowy blouse with the leggings.


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