Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blusão de cabedal vermelho - Red leather jacket

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Há qualquer coisa na luz das manhãs enevoadas que me dá vontade de usar cores vivas… Tenho este blusão há alguns anos (mais de dez) e mantém-se sempre bonito, prova da sua qualidade. Hoje em dia compram-se blusões baratos mas a qualidade da pele é tão fraca que temos sorte se durarem uma estação.

There’s something about the cloudy mornings light that drives me into wearing bright colors… I own this red leather jacket for more than ten years and it still looks as good as new. I guess it’s proof of its quality; nowadays there are lots of cheap leather jackets in the market but the quality is so low that we’re lucky if they last one season.

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A usar:
- Blusão de cabedal vermelho (velhinha)
- T-shirt larga às riscas
- Calças “cigarrette” pretas com dobras
- Sapatos cunha pretos com várias fivelas
- Bolsa de cabedal preto (mesma de ontem)
- Colar com trança de pele branca e medalhão prateado, brincos brancos e prateados, Anel prateado com pedras brancas, relógio branco e preto, conjunto de pulseiras pretas e prateada.

- Red leather jacket (old)
- Loose fit striped T-shirt
- Black cigarette pants with turn-ups
- Multi-strapped black wedges
- Same black leather bag from last outfit
- White leather braid collar with silver medallion, white/silver earrings, white/silver ring, white “bangle style” watch, set of black/silver bangles plus silver textured bangle.


  1. You see a lot of cheap leather jackets here too. Yours is a classic style and colour and still will be in style in another 10 years.

  2. Hi Tany! I follow both your fashion and sewing blogs. I love them. And I love your outfits! But I think your pictures are not as flattering as they could be. May I recommend standing up (instead of sitting down) and standing closer to a source of light? In any case, congratulations for your good work!

  3. Hi Anonymous: (please, please, sign your comment just so I can direct my reply to other than "Anonymous"; you don't have to use your real name, an alias will do just fine) You're right, but please understand my side:
    - these pictures were taken in the morning before driving to my office; I was in a hurry, as always and to take good pictures you need time and a lot of trial and error.
    - I don't have photographic skills or a photographer at home, just a tripod and a remote, sometimes a busy husband to help me with this task.
    - I don't have the time to go through Photoshop, so these pictures are as real as they can get for now
    - Lastly, I can't use high resolution pictures or I'd run out of free space in no time.

    I’m sure with time my photos will improve and I thank your suggestions and kind comment ;)

  4. ahhh..Tany, como siempre, soy el último en llegar, así que felicitaciones por tu nuevo blog. Todos los looks me parecen fantásticos, ahí se denota tu gusto por la moda y el buen hacer de todos tus trabajos. Gracias por hacer mención de la "pulsera". Estoy seguro de que este blog será un lugar de referencia para todos los que amamos la moda y la costura. Por muchos años...!!!

  5. Hi Tany! Sorry about the "Anonymous" thing, I didn't mean to hide, just clicked the quickest thing. Thanks for your reply, by the way! Don't worry about Photoshopping your pictures, I wouldn't do it if I were you; if the outfit is really good why should you need to enhance the picture? (that's my view) I think just standing up will do the trick. You have a very good taste for clothes so you should flaunt it!! Keep up the good work and congratulations!

  6. Adorei!!!!!!! O blusão dá um toque espetacular ao look e a combinação que fizeste linda!




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